Spotify 0.8.1 New Features

Well, we’re getting there! We haven’t seen the UK version, but we assume the USA is a few year behind. Here are a few new features of Spotify’s latest release. Click here to learn more about Spotify.

  • Auto complete search results
  • Shiny playlist icon
  • Playlist icons respond to hover
  • Facebook Friends music ticker (cool!)
  • Facebook Friends Favorites
  • Apps
  • Collaborative┬áPlaylists (cool!)
We also love the Shazaam to Spotify function. The future of music is NOW!

Digital Music

What do you think about downloading music? How long have you been using iTunes to download hard copies of digital music? How about new streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Slacker Radio? Did you know you can see what your friends are listening to on Facebook? Here at Landshark CD, we can offer our industry advice and point you in the right direction if you have questions. We are ahead of the curve, just like our clients.