CD Album Art

It’s all about your image. Ensure that your album art and CD label design are the best you can get or create. We can design a package tailored to your exact specification. Fans respond to eye-catching cover art, so get creative! Really think about what your music would look like on the cover of a CD. Contact us to start your design.

CDs, DVDs, Discs: Here To Stay?

Landshark CD is a company built on the writeable disc, the CD. A technology that many of us know as the most well-known medium of audio and video storage in the world. We love our CDs and are passionate about their survival. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t stepping into the digital age. We just launched our Facebook page so we can stay connected to YOU! We know MP3s are taking over a huge part of the market, and we want to stay up to date with current trends. Let us know what you’re doing with MP3s and digital audio management. We want to hear from you!

iPod family

Our New York office is located in the center of the digital movement, Times Square, New York City! We are taking steps to improve our online and social presence to better serve you. Check back often!


Duplication vs. Replication?

Many of our customers ask:

“What’s the difference between duplication and replication?”

Duplication is the process used when ordering less than 10,000 units. The process has less steps than replication and can take less time – a better option for customers wanting a “small” order. Duplication uses a laser, just like your computer, to burn CDs one by one, although multiple CDs can be burned at a time.

CD Duplication vs. CD Replication

Replication is the process used when ordering more than 10,000 units. There are more steps involved in order to ensure 100% of quality is passed on from CD to CD. Replication uses a process called stamping. A master CD is made and stamped onto each replicated CD. Replication is much more precise, which also allows for greater margin of error. The environment must be kept sanitized and clean to maintain perfect replication from start to finish.

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