Expanding Web Presence

We’re adding LandShark CD Duplication & Design to your favorite local directories and social networks! So far we’ve set up LandShark CD on:

You can now write and read reviews, we need a few so we’re working on some ideas to reward our customers for writing honest reviews! We have nothing to hide and take pride in our work. We look forward to expanding our reach in the New York metro area.

Corporate Media Materials

Did you know…

…that we design, package and duplicate all types of audio/video media for corporate companies, large and small? Some of our clients include ESPN and The Nets Basketball. Here in New York, we know image is everything. Landshark provides a¬†necessary¬†mixture of quality and class into each product because we know you need to look your best. A slim case DVD with a custom insert looks good on your brand new corporate training video, right? Head over to our website to see some examples.


CDs, DVDs, Discs: Here To Stay?

Landshark CD is a company built on the writeable disc, the CD. A technology that many of us know as the most well-known medium of audio and video storage in the world. We love our CDs and are passionate about their survival. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t stepping into the digital age. We just launched our Facebook page so we can stay connected to YOU! We know MP3s are taking over a huge part of the market, and we want to stay up to date with current trends. Let us know what you’re doing with MP3s and digital audio management. We want to hear from you!

iPod family

Our New York office is located in the center of the digital movement, Times Square, New York City! We are taking steps to improve our online and social presence to better serve you. Check back often!